Case Study: Madliena Lodge

Among the most rewarding aspects of running an agency like Eight Eight, is being given the opportunity to re-shape the image a business wants to project of itself. Because in effect, this means helping someone manage their dreams.

A business will, of course, always be an enterprise that pursues tangible goals, but both its initial stages and its ongoing development will sink or swim based on how strong their ideas are, and how well they capture the imaginations of both their clients and those running the business in the first place.

One recent client who certainly needed a hefty dose of dreaming and re-imagining were the folks behind Madliena Lodge. When they first approached us, they had a serious obstacle to overcome before they could set about truly reflecting the classy nature of their establishment.
Namely, the rowdy reputation of the previous venture to occupy the space – Madliena Cottage.

The problem was clear: the ‘Cottage’ was known for hosting loud-and-boozy youthful parties… which created connotations that the ‘Lodge’ wanted to steer clear of, in their pursuit of creating a new space in which quiet, quality and… well, an overarching sense of ‘politeness’ would be the order of the day.

On top of this hurdle, there was the basic concern of prospective visitors not really knowing about the restaurant, or where it’s located.

So this is where we stepped in.

Eight Eight took charge of Madliena Lodge’s campaign by tackling the social media sphere first and foremost. To start, we decided to plunge into a three-month test programme on Facebook. Visuals being an important component of the online sphere in general, and the Madliena Lodge experience in particular, we set up a photoshoot which would emphasise the restaurant’s classy ambience and tasteful and innovative approach to food.
Thankfully, the approach bore fruit pretty much from the word go. The test phase yielded the following results:

•  We doubled the average post likes per month within just 3 months

•  Increased Facebook messaging booking enquiries by 20%

•  Increased page reach by 48% reaching a wider audience outside their FB Page community

•  Increased page engagement by 10% in JUST 3 months.

Of course, online attention doesn’t count for much if – once again – it isn’t reflected in tangible gains for the business. So we’re doubly happy to report that the above social media engagement also resulted in a healthy take-up of bookings. People are sitting down to eat at Madliena Lodge in great numbers, and are certainly aware of what the restaurant is all about.

The ‘Cottage’ has morphed into the ‘Lodge’ in the public imagination, and we’re proud to have helped make this happen.

Madliena Lodge restaurant manager Miguel Spiteri said:

“Of course, we had a clear idea of where we wanted to go with the restaurant and how we wanted to present it to the public. But we knew it was going to be a challenge at first, given the reputation of Madliena Cottage and how that had to be overcome in order for us to make our mark.”

We are happy that the client is happy. In fact, they are so happy that we’re now in the process of setting up yet another photoshoot for Madliena Lodge. One that would reflect how the restaurant would make the ideal cosy culinary getaway during the winter months…