Eight Eight activates Air Malta’s dynamic ‘Go Light’ campaign

In a bid to increase their competitiveness in a challenging business ecology, Malta's national airline have just rolled out their new 'Go Light' initiative, giving passengers to major European cities the option to fly, hand-luggage only, for as little as €39.

The out-of-the box initiative, aiming to provide passengers with an option that matches that of low-cost airlines, was rolled out in a similarly unique manner. And Eight Eight were the company at the centre of this latest overhaul from Air Malta. It’s an approach which certainly paid off in the long run – and the numbers don’t lie. In fact, addressing the media during a press conference that officially announced the ‘Go Light’ flight option, Air Malta Chief Commercial Officer Paul Sies said that even during a testing phase over the past week, the company has already seen an increase of 20 to 30% in bookings.

Officially announced and rolled out on October 7 at St Anne’s Square in Sliema, this was the culmination of a campaign which took the shape of a fun and quirky social media narrative. Instead of splashing out all the relevant information in one go, and running the risk of enthusiasm fizzling out, Eight Eight decided to stagger the information on ‘Go Light’ so as to achieve maximum engagement from users.

So, ahead of the ‘big reveal’ of Air Malta’s plan to offer flights starting from €39 to most of its major destinations, Eight Eight decided to get the social media audience involved in a little game.

Hitting the drawing board, the company designed a distinctive piece of baggage to represent each of the destinations selected for the campaign. Social media users were then encouraged to guess which destinations are being represented… and subsequent graphics and teasing trickles of info gradually revealed more clues.

The success of Air Malta’s approach to their marketing speaks for itself, since the test week resulted in a total 25,000 tickets being sold – and this, without the company reaching out to traditional media platforms for promotion.

Understandably, Eight Eight is proud of having been at the forefront of the campaign since the beginning – it is an exciting venture for Malta’s national airline, and it deserved the dynamic approach it got, with all hands on deck to craft an appealing and far-reaching campaign that yielded tangible results.

It’s an effort that certainly deserved some celebration – if we may say so ourselves – and that’s precisely what Eight Eight put together for the campaign’s official ‘activation’ on October 7. Taking place from 10:00 to 14:00 at the bustling St Anne’s Square in Sliema, the event invited all present to participate in a variety of games. Games which led to free flights for hundreds of participants. Hey, €39 ain’t bad. But free is even better!