Nestled in Lija, an old town house built in the heart of the village over 200 years ago has been restored. Using skills developed in some of the best kitchens on the island, this chic bistro brings to the table innovation and respect towards an array of high quality ingredients.

Among the most rewarding aspects of running an agency like Eight Eight, is being given the opportunity to re-shape the image a business wants to project of itself. Because in effect, this means helping someo manage their dreams. So this is where we stepped in. Eight Eight took charge of Madliena Lodge’s campaign by tackling the social media sphere first and foremost. To start, we decided to plunge into a three-month test programme on Facebook. Visuals being an important component of the online sphere in general, and the Madliena Lodge experience in particular, we set up a photoshoot which would emphasise the restaurant’s classy ambience and tasteful and innovative approach to food.


The aesthetic of Bahia is representative of their culture, history and core values, whilst holding true to its surroundings.

Look & Feel

The orange print insignia was developed for applications ranging from print and photography to embroidery and packaging.

Website Design & Development

The Bahia website encompasses a number of custom made sections ensuring a updated, interactive user experience.