The healthcare industry is fast-paced, dynamic, and constantly changing, and healthcare organisations are competing to keep up. As a new normal of patient experience, remote care, digital health, and personalised health are building new ways in which healthcare organisations are operating, they must harness emerging tech to increase internal efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.

88 builds custom solutions by leveraging technology that helps businesses improve the patient and medical professional experience. We combine mobile, cloud, and data with emerging tech, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive automation, and chatbots to create HIPAA- compliant solutions that deliver results for our clients and the people they serve daily.

Financial Services

National, boutique banks, as well as financial services firms, are understanding that providing digital tools to their customers is no longer an option. By securing customer loyalty and increasing customer retention, successful digital tools are the drivers of revenue and acceleration of growth.

Financial services organisation work with 88 to realise digital experiences for their customers. Innovation and security are empirical to develop mobile apps, e-portals, software, and strategies that strengthen customer relationships and help our partners to maintain a competitive edge.

Real Estate

No industry is immune to technological advancement but real estate is one niche that has proven to be slower to adopt new trends and emerging tech.

Not any longer! PropTech is booming and changing the way we buy, sell, and interact with our properties with the introduction of virtual, augmented reality, and IoT. With over 75% of customers looking for property and booking viewings online, the choice is clear.


Modern transportation is currently experiencing major changes thanks to transformative transportation technologies and COVID19. Working alongside a number of national and regional airlines across Europe and the Middle East, we understand that space is becoming highly competitive due to LLCs and ULLCs.

Whilst the demand for air transport is increasing year on year, we ensure that the deployment of technology improves efficiency, reduces costs, and in turn improves the passenger experience.


Communications and media organisations are today an integral part of the daily lives of their customers. Only those companies that customise their digital solutions to the evolving expectations of customers will realise their true value.

We help our clients to create more meaningful interactions with customers through innovative digital solutions. From mobile apps that strengthen customer engagement to analytics that enable deeper consumer insights, we help communications and media companies keep up with a customer who is increasingly becoming aware of new technologies and trends.

Non Profits and Associations

Sectors such as non-profits and associations tend to operate on tight budgets, so the cost of investing in new technology can seem out of reach.

Through working with 88, clients are understanding the effective use of the technology that can spawn innovation, improvements in efficacy without limiting their organisational mission and fundraising potential.

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